BNB has been guiding our clients to better credit for years.


On average, our clients see results within 45 days and achieve their credit goals within 6 months.

Dedicated Team

Our team of experts and friendly staff are committed to assisting our clients through every step of the process.


We provide our clients with the education, tools and guidance needed to understand and maintain their credit rating now and in the future.


Meet the team

  • Mike Burrows

    Michael Burrows Co-Founder & President

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  • Matthew Bauer

    Matthew Bauer Co-Founder & Vice - President

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  • Brenda Cruz

    Brenda Cruz Credit Analyst

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  • Alyson Dana

    Alyson Dana Credit Analyst

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  • Heather Manczka

    Heather Manczka Credit Analyst

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  • Bonnie Quiggle

    Bonnie Quiggle Credit Specialists

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  • Alexandria Brown

    Alexandria Brown Credit Specialists

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  • Alecia Lock

    Alecia Lock Credit Specialists

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  • Katie Liebel

    Katie Liebel Credit Specialists

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  • Jenessa Williams

    Jenessa Williams Credit Specialists

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  • David Bagnoni

    David Bagnoni Sales

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  • Dakota Walker

    Dakota Walker Developer

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