How Credit Repair Works



Get Started

Complete our simple enrollment form. BNB’s team of experts will contact you and review the steps to obtain your most current credit reports.


Track Inaccurate Items

Once BNB receives your credit reports, our team of professionals will conduct a thorough line by line review. BNB will present a list of items that both positively and negatively affect your credit, along with an explanation on how it affects your credit rating. This report is a credit analysis and yours to keep. BNB's team of professionals will track the inaccurate items and customize a plan specifically to address these items.



BNB's team of professionals will draft letters with these specific items identified in your credit analysis. These letters will be sent to the credit bureaus directing them to correct the inaccuracies on your credit report.


Relax and Wait

The hardest step……...waiting. Typically it takes approximately 40 days for the credit bureaus to respond to your dispute, so we encourage our clients to RELAX and wait.


Probability of having the items repaired ( Day 40 )

After you forward the creditor's responses to BNB, our team of professionals will review these documents and inform you of the next steps to be taken. If the inaccuracies disputed have not been corrected, BNB will continue to send dispute letters 4 to 6 times. This will increase the probability of having these errors on your credit report updated or removed, resulting in an improvement rating.